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Tropos is a software development methodology, where concepts of the agent paradigm are used along the whole software development process. Notions of agent, goal, task and (social) dependency...

Dictionary Service Site (CafeUni): German-Turkish

A dictionary web service project, very simple to use based on wordpress and php. Have a look!

Ontology Repositories & Metrics: Semantic Web

1.Ontology Repositories The need for ontology reuse, management and sharing has led to development of repository systems called ontology repository. Ontology repositories store ontology...

EMVA 1288 V3 Standard

EMVA 1288 is a standard for characterization of image sensors and cameras for machine vision applications. To make an informed decision about selecting the right image sensor we will use this...

Image Sensors

The most used image sensors are CCD (Charge Coupled Device) and CMOS (Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor) chips. CCD chips contain an array of diodes which collect light and read row by...

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Man could not be here only to eat, drink and have somebody in their bed. There has to be another reason, something bigger and more humane.


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