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10 Steps of Software Requirements Prioritization

List your business objectives. Create a list of potential criteria Assign weights of the criteria using an online AHP(Analytical Hierarchy Process) tool. Select 5 to 10 most...

Apache Jena

Jena is a Java based framework, which can be used for semantic web and linked data purposes. Jena has most of the tools for a semantic web application such as an RDF API for working with...


Tropos is a software development methodology, where concepts of the agent paradigm are used along the whole software development process. Notions of agent, goal, task and (social) dependency...

Dictionary Service Site (CafeUni): German-Turkish

A dictionary web service project, very simple to use based on wordpress and php. Have a look!

Ontology Repositories & Metrics: Semantic Web

1.Ontology Repositories The need for ontology reuse, management and sharing has led to development of repository systems called ontology repository. Ontology repositories store ontology...

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MultiAgent Based Software Engineering Methodology TROPOS check out at


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